Gerhard Gollner
Vertrieb und Beratung für Hoch- und Tiefbauprodukte

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Südstadtzentrum IV/9
A-2346 Maria Enzersdorf
Tel. +43-(0)2236-860721
Fax. +43-(0)2236-860721-20
Defects in the construction
New construction of a row house facility:

In spite of the construction of the cellar from watertight concrete with additional water proofing, after approx. 2 years massive water damage occurred with the built-in supply lines and disposal system.

For illustration here some pictures:

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Cable penetration systems

Pipe penetration systems

Roof penetration systems

Jointing profiles
Gerhard Gollner * Südstadtzentrum IV/9 * 2346 Maria Enzersdorf * Tel: +43-(0)2236-860721 * Fax: DW-20